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At Meraki Global Energy, we provide a range of additional services such as Construction, Refurbishment, and Repair to complement our offerings. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction, which motivates us to continually expand our portfolio of products and services to address all your requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us today to learn about our extensive range of services.


Diverter Damper & Exhaust Systems

MGE is a turnkey solution providing solutions with customized engineering for the Diverter Damper & Exhaust System. MGE can guarantee a single approach with reliable performance & offer long term operational solutions as well as expert mechanical performance with minimum down time.


Boiler Systems

MGE provides engineered custom solutions in the field of Heat Recovery, Industrial and Utility Steam Generators and related equipment such as Engineering support and consultancy, Inspections and maintenance advisory services, Service agreements and Refurbishments.


Valve Refurbishment, Services & Maintenance

We undertake both in-house and on-site projects (both onshore and offshore) depending on the client’s requirements. Online flushing, greasing and sealing of pipe line ball valves. Sourcing and supply of all types of OEM Spare parts, sealant, fittings, grease guns, Etc. Experienced team of valve repair specialists. Maintenance and repair of Ball / Gate / Globe / Check / Butterfly / Plug / Double Block & Bleed / Knife / Safety / Pressure Relief / Diaphragm / Choke and Control valves shall be carried out in quick time.

Services: Services

Steel Structure Fabrication

MGE Steel structure and fabrication services in power plants involve the design, engineering, fabrication, and construction
of steel structures and components for power generation facilities. This includes the construction of power plant, chimneys, stacks, cooling towers, and other structures, as well as the fabrication of steel components such as boilers, pressure vessels, and storage tanks. Services also include the installation of equipment and machinery, such as turbines and generators. 

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