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Exhaust System, Diverter Dampers & Expansion Joints

Diverter Damper Systems
Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems
Expansion Joints


Valves / Desuperheaters Actuation & Control Spare Parts & Upgrades

Medium and High-Pressure Valves

Steam Conditioning Valve

Process bypass valve
Ball Valves / Check Valves
Gate Valves / Globe Valves
Motor Operated Valves
Needle Valves / 
Industrial Valve


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Industrial Gas Turbine Parts & Services

Services of Gas & Steam Turbines

Overhauls of Gas & Steam Turbines

Supply of Spares & replacement parts for Gas & Steam Turbines

Field Maintenance & Engineering



Journal Bearings
Tilt Pad Radial
Thrust Bearings
Oil Deflectors Stationary Seals
Brush Seals (Gas Turbine)


Skid Systems & Complete Packaging

Air Separation / Air Cooler

Air Generator Control / Air Package

Chemical Injection & Dosing Packages

Cooling Water Skid / Cooling Water Pump Skid

Containerized Gas Fuel System

Diesel Oil Forwarding Pump Skid

Diesel / Distillate Oil Filtering & Metering Skid

Fuel Gas Package / Fuel Treatment Skid

Gland Steam Double Filter / Heating Skid

Hot Water / Waste Water Package

Inhibitor Injection Skid

Light / Heavy Oil / LF Oil Filtering & Forwarding Skid

Seal Oil Recovery Package

Super Heater Tube Assembly

Water Injection Package


Electric Industrial Motors

Explosion Proof High Voltage ATEX Certified

Explosion Proof Low Voltage Electric Motor

Slip Ring Electric Motors
IEC Standard Three Phases Low Voltage Electric Motors

Synchronous Servo Motors
Smoke Extraction Motors


Industrial Pumps

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Twin Screw Pumps


Industrial Gearbox, Transmission & Couplings

Helical Industrial Gearboxes

Worm Gearbox

Highspeed Gearbox

Marine Gearbox



Gear Type Couplings

Disc Type Couplings
Elastic Type Couplings
Grid Type Couplings


Industrial Gas Compressors

Gas Compressors

Trunk Piston Compressors

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